Premiered at White Night, 2019, ORLI is an exploration of sound, visual art and projection mapping which converge into a rich, immersive and electric performance experience.

Khyaal Vocal Ensemble – Aarti Jadu / Aurora Darby / Mel Taylor / Siobhan Housden
Artwork – Helen Gory
Projection mapping – Joli.vision
Videography – Max Hopkins
Videography & Audio – Kieran Ruffles
Editing – Adele Wilkes
Costumes – Aarti Jadu

Aarti Jadu and Helen Gory collaborated to produce ORLI, My Light, for White Night in Ballarat, September 21, 2019.

Featuring Khyaal Ensemble and visual arts by Helen Gory. This vocal ensemble is an intuitive expression of the naked voice. As four distinct voices converge into one rich soundscape, the artwork created by Helen Gory moves up and around in filmic, swirling and pulsating slow-motion, projection mapped onto the 4 vocalists, creating an etheral, enchanting and haunting experience. Truly unique and electric.

Viewers described their experience as, wanting to cry, feeling the energy move through them, an out of body experience, the artwork created a sense they were moving around the room, and more. This was a highlight for the White Night event.