Helen Gory is a Melbourne-based artist. She was the founder and owner of Helen Gory Galerie.
Blossom Three

“Helen Gory’s art pivots upon its connections. Its power lies in its links. Her images seem to unspool and reveal an almost filmic flow of associations. Golden Repair, the title of her solo exhibition refers to the Japanese procedure of Kintsugi – a process that brings together and reconnects fragments of that which was once whole; it is, in essence, an embrace of imperfection. For Gory, the procedure stands as an analogy of the honest acceptance of often overlooked and almost forgotten aspects of her inner self.”
– Ken Wach, Associate Professor and former Principal Research Fellow and Head of the School of Creative Artsat The University of Melbourne


It’s never too late.

For twenty years I ran Helen Gory Galerie, representing some of Australia’s top artists. Over time I found myself increasingly compelled to make my own art, and so I retired from the gallery to begin creating. Being an artist is like being in a state of perpetual nervousness, punctuated by moments of clarity and joy.

Collage is my chosen medium. It’s vibrant and accessible. I love the juxtaposition of images. I feel that collage is as relevant now in the 21st century as is photography, painting, and drawing. It’s a viable, worthy art form.

I’ve been drawn to collage since I was a confused teenager in the 1970’s looking for meaning in my life. I like to create work that is provocative, be it dark with humour, or political in stance. The process of creation is soothing, addictive, and obsessive. The way I work is intuitive – the medium guides me – but as time goes by I’m finding more and more that I’m able to visualise what I want to say.

I’m finding my voice. Enjoy the journey with me.


golden repair (solo exhibition), Chapman & Bailey, March 2017

helen gory collage (solo exhibition), Greenwich Village NYC, April/May 2014

cut, paste, create (group exhibition), Walker Street Gallery, April/May 2014

through these paper walls (solo exhibition), JCP Studios, Feb 2014