Helen Gory is a Melbourne-based artist working across various mediums including collage, painting and charcoal drawing. She has had solo exhibitions in Melbourne and New York, and was the founder and owner of the renowned Helen Gory Gallery.

“Helen Gory’s art pivots upon its connections. Its power lies in its links. Her images seem to unspool and reveal an almost filmic flow of associations.”
– Ken Wach, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne

“Gory’s oil-stick women delve backwards into unrevealed pockets of spaces, memories compartmentalised into separate ‘rooms’. Her challenge – and ours – is to slowly, carefully unpack these subtle chimeras; expose their interior to the outer world… Verging on naïve, these night-shade women hover between darkness and illumination.”
– Vicki Finkelstein, Curator

“These distortions and missing bits and pieces, floating in mid air, are expressions of seeing beauty in who we are, as we are. Finding the connections are our strengths.”
Helen Gory  Golden Repair 2016


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