Helen Gory is a Melbourne-based artist. She was the founder and owner of Helen Gory Galerie.


It’s never too late.

For twenty years I ran Helen Gory Galerie, representing some of Australia’s top artists. Over time I found myself increasingly compelled to make my own art, and so I retired from the gallery to begin creating. Being an artist is like being in a state of perpetual nervousness, punctuated by moments of clarity and joy.

Collage is my chosen medium. It’s vibrant and accessible. I love the juxtaposition of images. I feel that collage is as relevant now in the 21st century as is photography, painting, and drawing. It’s a viable, worthy art form.

I’ve been drawn to collage since I was a confused teenager in the 1970’s looking for meaning in my life. I like to create work that is provocative, be it dark with humour, or political in stance. The process of creation is soothing, addictive, and obsessive. The way I work is intuitive – the medium guides me – but as time goes by I’m finding more and more that I’m able to visualise what I want to say.

I’m finding my voice. Enjoy the journey with me.


golden repair (solo exhibition), Chapman & Bailey, March 2017

helen gory collage (solo exhibition), Greenwich Village NYC, April/May 2014

cut, paste, create (group exhibition), Walker Street Gallery, April/May 2014

through these paper walls (solo exhibition), JCP Studios, Feb 2014